Team fundraising is critical to the success of the River Valley Dragon Boat Festival! Although we do have sponsorships that help us to cover the cost of the event, this is an expensive event to bring in so we also have to rely on team fundraising. We are asking each team member to raise $100 above the cost of the boat and will have prizes for those who reach their goal. The Hamilton House is a great organization and last year alone they served 814 children from the river valley area.

If your concerned about your team members or yourself raising $100 below are ways for you to come up with the money for your goal. The sooner your team is registered the sooner you can begin and $100 over a few months is an attainable goal:

  • Ask your uncle or aunt to donate $20
  • Ask you sister or brother for $10
  • Ask your cheap friend that doesn’t want to participate to donate $5
  • Ask your company for $25
  • Text a friend to donate $10
  • Email another friend and ask them to donate $10
  • Pitch in $20 yourself.

See how easy that was?  Have a garage sale or take some clothes to consignment, have a pancake breakfast, there are many ways to raise money for a great cause.

Paddles Up River Valley, let’s raise some money!