Corporate Team Registration

My company has agreed to having a team in the 2016 River Valley Dragonboat Festival and will begin enlisting 24 people to participate in the October 10th River Valley Dragon Boat Festival. Remember, at least 8 women required or a 3 second penalty per person short will be added to the team’s official time. Each boat has 1 drummer and 20 paddlers and The drummer can-not count toward 8 woman minimum. Each team should recruit 3 alternates in case there are scheduling conflicts with your team.

Once team is registered, an invoice will be forwarded to the team captain to cover the cost of the boat/sponsorship level. Since you are guaranteed 2 races the alternates could participate in the second and subsequent rounds if your team qualifies for the finals. Once team members are set up on the website they will be able to begin raising money toward their individual fundraising goal. Any questions can be directed to

Team Member Names and T-Shirt Size – As you get team members please forward them to the Committee team coordinator along with their t-shirt size so that we can update the web-site and get their name added to your team page and they can begin raising money to meet their individual goal.