About Hamilton House

The Hamilton House Child & Safety Center

The Hamilton House provides legally sound Forensic Interviews, Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations (SANE), Advocacy and Trauma Focused Therapy for Child victims of abuse. Before Hamilton House, children of physical and sexual abuse, were taken to the police station and interviewed by a police officer or DHS investigator. Often children are told by their abuser that they will “be in trouble” if they tell. A trip to the police station confirms what they were told and makes disclosure less likely. If a sexual assault exam was needed, these children were taken to Springdale and hour and half away. In addition to the abuse, they were further traumatized by the system designed to protect them. Hamilton House provides a safe, child-friendly environment where children can “tell their story”.

The Hamilton House staff are trained specifically for situations like this and have nurses and workers that are able to evaluate these children in private without the embarrassment of going through a crowded ER or police station. They are trained to provide exams, comfort and love to these children who have gone through unspeakable acts of violence and often times are not trusting of adults since the acts are, more often than not, committed by people they know and trust.

Last year alone, The Hamilton House provided services to more than 800 children in a 5 county area.

With your help, we are raising money for a great organization who is tasked with providing support to children who have to go through acts that follow them emotionally for the rest of their lives. Their support doesn’t end after the examinations are finished. The Hamilton House provides ongoing advocacy up to and including sitting with these children in court to provide emotional support and comfort when it seems as everyone else is against them. In some cases, they are the only support these children have as part or all of their family often turn blame them.